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  • Art Of Diabolo - DVD Diabology

    Official website of Diabology, the first DVD dedicated to the art of diabolo, which has been a huge revolution when it was released in 2004. The DVD was created by The Mad French Posse and directed by Priam Pierret.

    Go: http://www.artofdiabolo.com
  • Circus Kampot - Cambodia

    Circus Kampot is a project led by Kaj-Mikael Schütt (Finland) and his Cambodian wife Yun Chantrea. It has for objective the construction of a circus area in order to offer some Cambodian street kids and others interested a place to start a hobby that will possibly lead to a career some day.

    Go: http://www.circuskampot.com/
  • Diabolo 4 Life

    Original website of Nico Pires, diabolo performer and Director of The Planet Diabolo Project. The site includes a lot of creations dedicated to the art of diabolo, check it out !

    Go: http://www.diabolo4life.com
  • Diabolo Tutorials - Richard Clement

    Built by our friend Richard Clement from Australia, Diabolotutorials.com is dedicated to helping improve your diabolo skills by displaying the best video tutorials the internet has to offer.

    Go: http://diabolotutorials.com/
  • Diabolo.ca

    The most complete diabolo forum of the world !
    Check it out !

    Go: http://www.diabolo.ca
  • Diabolord Priam

    Amazing diabolo shows by Priam Pierret, diabolo performer and producer of The Planet Diabolo Project.

    Go: http://www.diaboloshow.com
  • Jonglargonne Association

    Juggling Association in Bordeaux (France) which supports the authors and artists of the DVDs regarding The Planet Diabolo Project.

    Go: http://www.jonglargonne.org
  • The Little Diabolo Museum - Le Petit Musée du Diabolo

    Discover the history of the diabolo art through the amazing researches and archives of Renaud, from the chinese origins to the modern practice!

    Go: http://www.museediabolo.fr
  • Tony Frebourg

    Official website of the most famous diabolist of the world, including incredible videos.

    Go: http://www.tonyfrebourg.com
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