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The Planet Diabolo Project

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The Planet Diabolo Project!

The 3 DVDs Box is available now !

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March 17th 2014:
Experimental session by
Arjan Groenendijk from the Netherlands: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhJMaMOOSYo

Feb. 25th 2014:
Brand New Official Trailer
now online: http://youtu.be/CHAmg6ESBKI!

Feb. 17th 2014:
The Planet Diabolo Project is coming to Berlin for a special screening of "Diabolo is a trip"! All details on our Facebook pageon March 22nd!

Jan. 2nd 2014:
We wish you all a great year 2014! May it be full of diabolo and new adventures!

Dec. 14th 2013:
Special Launch Event in Paris @ L'Archipel!

Dec. 9th 2013:
The Planet Diabolo 3 DVDs Box is now officialy available, so you can buy it !

Dec. 8th 2013: The huge database of all videos and artists in the project in now online : check it out !

Nov. 8th 2013: We are now finishing everything on the DVDs. The box will ready in early december, and to celebrate the release of the box, a big update of the website will be done in late november, with all videos descriptions & screenshots, and all diabolos artists profils. Come back soon !

Aug. 5th 2013: Our video won the 2nd prize at the EJC 2013 video contest ! Check it out... 

Aug. 2nd 2013: Amazing EJC so far! Check our clip for the video contest: http://youtu.be/g40MsohaVGE

July 20th 2013:
European Juggling Convention in Toulouse, France... D-7!

April 7th 2013:
 The Planet Diabolo Project will be at EJC 2013 in Toulouse (France) from July 27th to August 3rd 2013 : 30 artists from our team will be there in a dedicated training space and we will offer a full week of diabolo workshops!
More details coming soon...

January 1st 2013: HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! 

November 12th 2012: Due to the generosity of more than 80 contributors, we've been able to reach our fund raise objective :-)! Thanks a lot to every one of you who has shown us some support and believed in what we are doing, it means a lot to us!

September 2012:
The project is officially public!

August 2012
: The website is almost ready!

July 2012
: Thierry and Priam are joining several conventions this summer, this will be the opportunity to film many tutorials with our ambassadors!

May 2012
: Arata Urawa (Japan), Vincent Liu (Taiwan), Marco De Matteis (Italia) and Alexis Levillon (France) are all arriving in Hong Kong to record an amazing excalibur (vertax) freestyle! Thierry is coming too to help Nico with the filming!

April 2012:
After 1 year working full time on the project, Nico is going back to perform in Hong Kong for a 6 months contract.

April 2012: Last shooting in Paris with Mickaël Bellemène, street performing in Montmartre!

March 2012
: On our way to Amsterdam with Thierry and Alex to meet and film Ceri-Anne Van de Geer. We will also have the chance to interview Tr’espace for their last show with the Big Top Circus in the Netherlands!

March 2012: Shooting with Luis Reis in Lisbon, Portugal, such a good vibe and what a city!

February 2012
: 3 weeks in Australia to meet Wube, the only African representant of the project (Ethiopia). We will shoot on the Australian outback! Opportunity to meet with Richard, Hamish and Benton too, our Australian guys, can’t wait!

December 2011
: Amazing shots of Siberia!

November 2011
: Clément Lulé, Pieter-Jan Van den Branden and Pieter Slachmuylders brought together for an unexpected freestyle in Bruxelles!

August 2011
: William Lin, Jack Chen and Angela Tseng from the Taiwanese MHD crew are coming to Paris to film a crazy freestyle with Etienne Chauzy and Guillaume Karpowicz!

August 2011
: EJC in Munich, many of our participants will be there, exciting week in perspective!

July 2011
: Nico is in Brazil to film Lucas Gardezani, only south American representant of the project. Crazy shots from Rio de Janeiro! We are also planning a diabolo session with some kids in a favela!

July 2011
: Quick hook by NYC! Nice shots!

June 2011
: Nico is in Canada to meet Jérémie Arsenault and his acrobatic style in Québec!

April 2011
: Nico is traveling around Asia to record the diabolo teams TND and Ya Ping from Malaysia, and also to learn about the roots of the diabolo discipline in China! The Diabolo Museum in Beijing is gonna be an experience!

January 2011
: The first video of the project is shot in Taiwan with William Lin and the MHD crew. An unbelievable first experience! Thanks MHD!

August 2010
: Thierry Delaveau and Priam Pierret are joining Nico to lead the project!

May 2010
: Nico presents the ideas of the project to the community on diabolo.ca.

Picture of the diabolo of The Planet Diabolo Project

The Planet Diabolo Project - Official Trailer

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